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How to write compelling website copy

Creating copy that resonates with your audience can help you attract right-fit clients

As a small business, writing memorable website copy can help you connect at a deeper level with customers and build your confidence. If you don’t have the budget to invest in a pro, DIYing your copy is a great alternative.

Do you struggle with writing about yourself? You’re not alone. As a copywriter, clients often tell me self-doubt creeps in as soon as they face the blank page.

But you can change how you feel about writing your website copy. In this guest post, I’ll explain why copywriting is worthy of your attention and give simple tips to help you feel proud to share your website copy.

Louise Bond

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What is copywriting?

First of all, what exactly is copywriting? Essentially, it’s a type of writing that helps businesses connect with people who want or need the services and products they have to offer. Your website is the central place to do this.

Typically, I find business owners feel uncomfortable writing copy because they believe it’s about persuading people to buy something they don’t want – yet that’s a misconception. The opposite is true – you’re looking to filter out people who aren’t the right fit.

Copywriting is both a science and an art – you can draw on tried and tested techniques and, there’s room for creativity. Whatever your preferences, you can frame it in a way that plays to your strengths.

Great copy inspires your audience to take action. It takes people on a journey, so they are ready to take that next step, whether that’s booking a course or getting in touch.

How website copy helps you grow your business

Ultimately, writing copy for your website helps you build deeper relationships with right-fit clients and create a thriving business. It all starts with empathy. Recognising your target audience’s goals, aspirations, and struggles allows potential customers to feel seen and heard. This helps them to trust you and, ultimately, to buy from you.

Plus, crafting your website copy can enhance your discoverability and attract new customers. Weaving in keywords that people may use to find your business can improve your ranking on search engines. (Of course, search engine optimisation or SEO extends to website speed and more – ask the Zync Technology team for expert advice.)

Creating a website that works for you can help you attract clients without the stress. And it goes deeper. Compelling website copy can clarify what makes you unique so you feel confident and grounded.

What are the challenges of writing website copy?

But writing website copy isn’t necessarily easy. If it’s not your area of expertise, you may be unsure where to start.

Typically, people get stuck because writing your own website copy can be challenging at an emotional level. You may feel uncomfortable with being visible and putting yourself out there.

But there is a way to move beyond this issue.

How to shift your mindset on writing copy for your website

To change how you feel, it’s essential to change how you think about writing your website copy. Often it feels awkward because the spotlight is on you. Shifting your focus to your audience not only makes your copy easier to write but also makes it more compelling.

Before you write, you need to step into your audience’s shoes. What are their goals and dreams? Why are they attracted to them? What might they struggle with? This is the secret to brilliant copy – it’s all about connection and building that know-like-trust factor.

How to write your website copy: 6 tips

When you focus on your audience, your website copy becomes more powerful and easier to write (I promise!) Here are 6 practical tips to craft copy you can feel proud to share with the world:

1) Keep it simple

I’m a big believer in clarity over cleverness. Resist the temptation to pack in extra words. Less is definitely more.

2) Make it conversational

A conversational style can help you build relationships with visitors. Experiment with recording yourself talking about your business and writing it up – this can help capture your natural voice.

3) Focus on what’s in it for your audience

Irresistible copy brings out the benefits of your product or service. How will your client’s life and business look different before and after? Consider tangible results as well as the inner transformation.

4) Sprinkle in keywords

Pick one main keyword for each page on your website and weave that into your copy. You can use tools like Google’s Keyword Planner or Ubersuggest for inspiration.

5) Weave in social proof

Endorsements from others build trust. This is called social proof. Put this into practice by including testimonials from your clients.

6) Include a strong call to action

Don’t forget to ask your audience to take action, whether that’s getting in touch or booking a course. Make it clear what the next steps are to make it as easy as possible for visitors.


  • Copywriting enables you to connect emotionally with the people who can benefit from your services or products.
  • Writing compelling website copy helps attract right-fit clients and enhance discoverability so prospects can find you online.
  • At a deeper level, crafting copy can make you feel more confident in your business and what you have to offer.
  • The secret to writing powerful copy is shifting your focus to your audience. This has the bonus of making it easier to write – it takes the spotlight off you.
  • With a few simple tips and tweaks, you can enhance your copy and feel proud to share your website with potential clients.

Find out more

I hope these tips give you the confidence to start writing your website copy. If you want more support, I’d love to help. Find out more and get in touch on my website: https://thecovecopy.co.uk/

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